Question of the day?????

Okay, I need some input from all you 80s music fans out there:

Which would you rather be stuck with, Hungry Eyes or a Hungry Heart?


3 comments on “Question of the day?????

  1. I suppose that between the two, I’d pick a hungry heart. Hungry eyes imply a person who gains satisfaction only in the outward appearance of others. A hungry heart, on the other hand, is looking for emotional satisfaction, which is a more substantial and fulfilling goal than merely quenching the palate of hungry eyes. Once the hungry eyes get their fill of the current person whom they’ve got in their sights, they’ll be off for another carefree, and ultimately unfulfillable romp with someone new.

    But then again, hungry hearts can apparently cause you to leave your wife and kids in Baltimore, Jack…

  2. I take it “Hungry Hungry Hippo” isn’t an option….

  3. I’d have to say that I agree whole-hungry-heartedly with D.F.!

    Hungry Hungry Hippo gets a free peanut butter/pickle sandwich for putting in his two cents!

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