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“Trouble Bruin” by featured Escape Artist Derek Foster!

Okay, folks, as promised, here‘s that great investigative article from a fellow Escape Artist and a good friend of mine, Derek Foster!  You’re sure to find this article very intriguing as it puts the microscope on an issue that’s been a hot topic during this election cycle.  No, it’s not about global warming.  This article sheds light on a topic that I find to be much more moving: immigration!  (Get it?  “Moving”?  “Immigration”?  Okay, never mind.)  In this article, you’ll learn how one small American town is learning to cope with the challenges of population expansion through immigration while discovering the wonderfully enlightening experiences that can only come through cultural diversity.

P.S.  Derek has a couple more entries posted at the Laughter Loaf website.  Check them out, and, if you like his work, send him an encouraging comment at erniedacabdriver@netcape.net.


One comment on ““Trouble Bruin” by featured Escape Artist Derek Foster!

  1. […] one comes courtesy of fellow Escape Artist Derek Foster who was featured on this blog in an earlier post: There’ll be parties for […]

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