Mondegreen time!

This mondegreen is dedicated to all of you who participated in the International Zombie Walk this past weekend.

It’s more than feeling!  (More than a feeling!)

When I hear that old ZOMBIE!  (More than a feeling!)

I began screaming!  (More than a feeling!)

‘Til I see Maryanne walk awaaaayyy!

I see my Maryanne walking away….


5 comments on “Mondegreen time!

  1. I believe Boston had a few zombie-themed songs, like “Piece of Mind”, about the undead longing for brains. Oh wait, and then there was “Feelin’ Satisfied”, which is how they feel after having consumed brains. “Don’t Look Back” was Boston’s informative tune describing what NOT to do when zombies are chasing you.

  2. Well I guess Derek beat me to this one. Maybe next time.

  3. 30 Mondegreen points for your excellent response, Derek!

    Better luck next time, Jon!

  4. Do we get prizes when we accumulate enough Mondegreen points, or just the satisfaction of knowing our accomplishment? I’m thinking this is where a sponsorship could come into play:

    100 Mondegreen points: Free Whopper combo at BK

    500 Mondegreen points: $25 Wal-Mart gift card

    1000 Mondegreen points: New suit from Men’s Wearhouse

    10000 Mondegreen points: New Kia Rio

    Are you listening, local businesses? Here’s your chance to reach an audience of…um…tens!! Think of the opportunities for exposure!
    I’m not quite sure if a Rio is worth all those points, though.

  5. Nah, I’m not really interested in sponsorships. I don’t want to be beholdin’ to THE MAN. So, until I make my first kazillion dollars on my own, I guess the only prize I can offer you at this time is “bragging rights”.

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