Question of the day?????

Here’s a question that came to me after reading some comments made in one of my earlier posts:

If the Super Golden Crisp Sugar Bear were to face off against the Honey Smacks “Dig em” Frog in a battle to the death, who do you suppose would come out on top?


5 comments on “Question of the day?????

  1. I seem to recall that one of Dig ‘Em’s (that was the frog’s name) theme songs stated “Give me a smack and I’ll smack you back”. So he’d obviously put up a good fight. But let’s not forget that he’s fighting a bear. A mildly effeminate bear with a lounge singer’s voice, mind you, but still, a bear. I’ve not yet seen the frog that could whip a bear in a fight. That’d have to be one mean frog.

  2. I don’t know if size would be a factor in this case. Judging from the pictures on the cereal box, they both look to be about the same size to me…..

  3. It could be an interesting fight. Just let them each eat a couple of bowls of the cereal they promote, then they’ll get all sugared up real good and the fur (and amphibian skin) will really start to fly!

  4. Sounds like a very sticky situation.

  5. I believe Dig Em’ would. As Derek Said with the song, he would be a tough cookie, but on the other hand. The Bear is more of a mellowed out chilled guy, but as Dig Em’ has the tenacity of the teet of a mother wolf. Dig Em’ hands down would destroy anybody

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