Mondegreen time!

I’m hot blooded!

Chicken ‘n sea!

Got a fever!

Of a hundred and three!


3 comments on “Mondegreen time!

  1. Ah, the seventies. Some of those lyrics were tough to identify. I’m an ELO fan, but I always thought the refrain from ELO’s “Living Thing” was…I’m taking a dump. (I found out later it was I’m thinking of dying, much to my embarrassement.)

    I also thought the song Strange Magic was something else, which I won’t repeat since this is a family blog.

  2. […] of the day????? By rjames0701 Elwood Cox made a comment about ELO in a previous post that brought to mind this burning […]

  3. Elwood gets 10 Mondegreen points for reminding me of an ELO mondegreen that I used in one of my Questions of the Day?????


    I’m awarding him another 10 Mondegreen points for restraining himself before his alter ego took control using Strange Magic.

    However, I still have 10 Mondegreen points waiting for whoever can name the tune and the band for this Mondegreen….

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