Mondegreen time!

Runnin’ down the drain!

Never would come to me!

Working on a mystery!

Goin’ wherever it leads!

Runnin’ down the drain!


7 comments on “Mondegreen time!

  1. Am I the only one that thinks Tom Petty and Shelley Long look kind of alike?

  2. One of my best friends introduced me to your blog, and I love it! Another friend has a mondegreen I think you will enjoy. He says the Steve Perry song “Oh Sherrie”, where it says “But I should have been gone” always sounded like, “Cinnamon gum!” to him. Now every time I hear that song, that’s what I think of!

  3. That’s hilarious, Wilma!

    That makes me think of another mondegreen that I’ve been meaning to post…..

  4. I’m going to give Elwood 10 Mondegreen points here, even though I can’t really picture Tom Petty flirting with Ted Danson at the Cheers bar.

    Wilma gets 20 Mondegreen points for her contribution of Cinnamon Gum!

  5. […] By rjames0701 Here’s a mondegreen I was reminded of by a comment in an earlier post: So now I come to […]

  6. I became interested in the concept of “mondegreen” in late 2007. One thing led to another, and now I’m the administrator of a flaky effort called Mandy Green Project largely aimed at helping establish “mondegreen” as a household word. It involves a novel that centers on a mondegreen. Everyone is invited to check it out, but particularly anyone named Mandy Green!

    • Sounds like a NOVEL idea, Keith!

      Good luck with your efforts to raise funds for the Hollidaysburg Public Library! (Visit the mandygreenproject.com website to find out how you can help fund this project and receive a copy of the Gazoon High Twizzle!)

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