Christmas Mondegreen time!

This one comes courtesy of fellow Escape Artist Derek Foster who was featured on this blog in an earlier post:

There’ll be parties for hosting!

Marshmallows for toasting!

Aunt Carolyn out in the snow!


3 comments on “Christmas Mondegreen time!

  1. Yes, the ever mysterious Carolyn, also featured in other Christmas lyrics,
    such as “Carolyn, Carolyn through the snow
    Christmas bells are ringing…”

    For many years I’ve pondered her relationship to Christmas lore.

    I’ve also wondered if she’s the same person as, or is related to, Yuletide Carol, who’s being sung by a choir.

  2. So why is Aunt Carolyn out in the snow?

    Is she just waiting to tag some poor sap with a snowball, or was she banished from Christmas dinner this year because she brought that same mysterious casserole that made everybody sick last year???

  3. I hope she’s dressed warmly.

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