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Escape Artist – Christian Mott!

Good day Ladies and Gentlemen, Thanks for stopping by! Today, I’d like to introduce you to Christian Mott!  Christian is a fellow Escape Artist who is currently working on a romantic young-adult suspense novel that he calls Dark Side of the Moon.  Christian describes Dark Side of the Moon as “a modern, romantically epic tale that […]

Chain story: “Mike Rhymer – Private Eye!”

Hello folks, Here’ s a little game I thought we could try!  As you will see below, I have added the first entry to a narrative poem that I like to call “Mike Rhymer – Private Eye!” .  Now it’s up to all you creative types out there to help keep it going.  Your entry can […]


Hello folks! I know you’ve  all enjoyed the Bits of Nonsense that I’ve been throwing at you lately, but I’ve whetted your appetite enough and now you’re ready for something more, right?  Well I’m currently in talks with about 4 different Escape Artists.  I’m hoping to feature one or more pieces from them on my […]

You say you want a RESOLUTION? Well, y’know….