Chain story: “Mike Rhymer – Private Eye!”

Hello folks,

Here’ s a little game I thought we could try! 

As you will see below, I have added the first entry to a narrative poem that I like to call “Mike Rhymer – Private Eye!” .  Now it’s up to all you creative types out there to help keep it going.  Your entry can be as long or as short as you like, and you can take the story in any direction you  wish.  All I ask is that you keep it in the narrative poem format… so, of course, it has to rhyme like all good poetry!   Here we go! 

As I gazed out my window
At the pale moonlit night,
A sudden thrill overcame me.
My spirits ran high!

I hadn’t unraveled
A real case in years.
The mounting overdue bills
Often brought me to tears.

Day in and day out,
It was always the same.
Tailing unfaithful spouses
Through sunshine and rain.

It was a good honest racket,
An easy enough game.
But it never had brought me
Much fortune or fame.

Now entranced by a vision,
The beckoning streets of downtown,
I bolted up from my desk
Set my coffee cup down

Tonight would be different!
I was most sure of that
As I reached for my trenchcoat
My gun and my hat.

The source of my jubilance,
Was it just the night air?
Or was it real intuition?
I didn’t know, didn’t care….

To be continued????


2 comments on “Chain story: “Mike Rhymer – Private Eye!”

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  2. […] Reimer was the inspiration for the chain poem “Mike Rhymer, Private Eye” which I started on this blog a few months back.  However, Mike is not only the inspiration behind a […]

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