Escape Artist – Chris “Elwood” Cox!

Greetings all,

Thanks for stopping by, and my apologies for having left you all to your own devices for so long.  I’m afraid even the Bean Counter himself has trouble making his escapes now and then.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to fellow Escape Artist Chris “Elwood” Cox! 

Elwood is currently working on a dark comedy that he calls Grits of the Gods.  According to Mr. Cox, this novel tells the story of the goings on at a south Georgia mental institution.  In keeping with the romantic spirit of this month,  Chris has graced us with a love poem written by one of the characters in his novel.  This particular poem is written by a guy who thinks he’s Mickey Spillane and is written in the style of a beat poet.   His girl understands very little of it until she gets to the very end.

You can access Mickey’s poem by clicking the link below. 

HOWEVER, before you click, let me just issue the following….

WARNING:  The attached poem is a little edgier than what you’re used to seeing from the Bean Counter.  Fortunately for you, I have aspirations of one day being on the censorship board for a KGB-esque-type organization.  So I have gone to the trouble to cover up some of the more offensive terms in today’s selection with an asterisk (*).  All you naughty boys and girls who want to see what’s behind the *’s will just have to wait for the release of Elwood’s book.

Howling for Anita


4 comments on “Escape Artist – Chris “Elwood” Cox!

  1. Thank you Ryan,

    I want to reiterate that I have never actually been housed inside a mental institution, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I shouldn’t have been.

  2. Yeah, I can vouch for Chris. He’s perfectly sane….

    Except for this peculiar habit he has of pretending like he controls access to all the collected works in the local library….

    But he’s never gotten violent about it.

    At least….

    Not to my knowledge.

  3. I am one of the fortunate few who gets to read Chris’s book in its entirety since we’re in the same critique group, so I know what all the **** words are! And I’ve told him many times in my comments that his penchant for writing about the mentally ill makes me question his sanity!

  4. […] may recall that I introduced Chris Cox to you in a previous blog post.   Well, in addition to continuing work on his current project Grits of the Gods, it may […]

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