More poetry from Escape Artist Chris “Elwood” Cox!

Here’s another sampling of poetry written by Chris “Elwood” Cox submitted for your amusement in honor of Valentine’s Day!

Elwood: “Ryan, someone I worked with joking asked why didn’t Hallmark make a Valentine’s card for stalkers. I thought `Hey, what a good idea’ and made some up! Do with these what you will!”

Thinking of YOU 24-7
(From the Hallmark Stalker Collection)

Soft silken sheets on which you had slept, rustling gently by the pull of the old dust fan,
Thinking of you.

Leftover provolone cheese taken from your dinner plate and placed delicately in a
cellophane wrapper for safekeeping,
Thinking of you.

Discarded toenail clippings strung together regimentally into an adoring charm bracelet.
Thinking of you.

Stolen elastic bands from your best pink panties sewed discreetly into my polka-dot boxers.
Thinking of you


2 comments on “More poetry from Escape Artist Chris “Elwood” Cox!

  1. I’ve heard about some websites where poets for hire will write a love poem or sonnet to your signicant other for a fee if you supply the personal information for them to use so the poor schmuck who buys the poem can pass it off as their own.
    I don’t think i’ll be trying to earn extra money this way.

    • Totally unrelated, but for some reason that comment reminds me of the online services that used to print up false credit card receipts and other documentation for you so that it looks like you’ve been on a business trip when you’ve actually been on a weekend getaway with your mistress.

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