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Chain Story: The Amazing Lizzy Schniggleboppin!

Hello Folks!

Got another chain story for you!

This one comes courtesy of “Escape Artist” Christian Mott.  Everybody get your thinking caps on and help Christian finish this story!

(As always, your entry can be as long or as short as you like and you can go in any direction you want, but try to keep it PG!  Thanks!)



“Get them off of me! Get them off of me!”

Peals of laughter echoed throughout the school cafeteria as a young girl unexpectedly jumped up from her seat at the lunch table and darted out of the cafeteria, yelling and screaming and shaking her arms violently. When the children sitting next to her at the lunch table were later questioned about the incident, they said that she was just sitting there eating when, all of a sudden, she glanced down at her arms, gasped with horror, and asked “Do you guys see this?” right before she jumped up and made her dramatic exit.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time I had seen Lizzy Schniggleboppin.acting totally weird. There was another incident that occurred during class, when Lizzy was reprimanded by the teacher for talking out loud… to herself! We were all just sitting there listening to Mr. Gallaher drone on about fractions, when Lizzy suddenly broke out into a pleasant conversation with an empty desk next to her. When Mr. Gallaher finally got fed up and interrupted Lizzy to ask her about her bizarre behavior, she explained that she was simply introducing herself to the new girl in class and wanted to make the girl feel welcome at the new school. This, of course, resulted in a dumbfounded teacher, snickers from other classmates in the room, and an embarrassed Lizzy….


One comment on “Chain Story: The Amazing Lizzy Schniggleboppin!

  1. Why do I picture Lizzy as a teenaged Pippi Longstocking? And why am I wondering what kind of trouble she’s going to be in next?

    More please.

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