Chain Story: What a Wanderful World!

Good day Fellow Writers!

Got another chain story intro for you.  This one comes courtesy of an idea by Escape Artist Christian Mott!  Would love to know how you think this story is going to turn out!  As usual, feel free to take the story in any direction you like.  Just try to keep it silly and try to keep it PG!

I call this one….

What a Wanderful World!

There’s nothing better than being seventeen and cruising down a deserted stretch of road on a sunny Sunday afternoon—convertible top down, sunglasses on. It’s even better when your favorite song is playing on the radio because you can turn it up as loud as you like without bothering anybody. Ever since I obtained my driver’s license, I’ve always enjoyed getting out of the big city on the weekends and exploring all the back roads in the surrounding area. Yeah, some people say it’s dangerous to wander into unfamiliar places, but I’ve always been a glass-is-half-full kind of guy. Anyway, wasn’t there some poet who expounded on the glories of taking “the road less traveled”? Besides that, I’ve always had an uncanny knack of finding my way around unfamiliar territory, even without a map. So I’ve never been afraid to wander around aimlessly just for the fun of it.

On this particular Sunday afternoon, however, I had a certain destination in mind. I was headed toward a friend’s boathouse on the bay in a small seafarers’ community just south of town. I’d been given some very explicit, detailed directions to follow, and I was sticking pretty close to them, even though I had already passed a dozen tempting side roads. The exhilarating thought of getting out on a boat and sailing into unknown waters (unknown to me, anyway) kept me focused on my mission.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, I became confused by my friend’s directions. I began to feel disoriented. It almost felt like I was driving in circles, perhaps even heading back toward town. The longer I followed the directions, the more certain I became that the directions were leading me the wrong way, so I eventually gave them up. Yes, perhaps, I was a little too easily convinced to give up following the directions, but I knew if I just kept meandering in a southerly direction, I’d eventually hit water.

At any rate, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. As soon as I broke free of the shackles of my friend’s poorly written directions, I came to a dirt road on my left with a sign posted at the entrance that read “NO TRESPASSING” in large, hand-painted letters. So, naturally, I turned onto that road….


4 comments on “Chain Story: What a Wanderful World!

  1. The road, if it could be called such, was littered with branches and other debris on both sides. It had the appearance of having been cleared by a snowplow – perhaps a snowplow attached to a van. You know the kind of van that a seriel killer would use to transport his victims back to his deserted shack near the beach. Anyway, my mind is wandering too much. It really is a beautiful drive once the creepy element is pushed aside. I rolled the the window down, turned the radio off and listened to the peaceful crackle of the early autumn leaves under my slow-moving tires. This was almost better than my much-anticipated boat ride. I might have to thank my friend for his bad directions. The myriad colors of red, purple and gold that filled the sky in front of me made me realize that I had been driving a long time, and that I was no longer traveling south toward the beach house. I checked the gas gage and breathed a sigh of relief to see that it was over half a tank. I should, however, turn around soon. As I made my decision the road suddenly came to a dead end, and a small shanty where plentiful, though not well-tended flowers, intensified the run-down appearance of the dilapadated structure. I put my car in reverse and was turning around when I noticed…

  2. a strange blue aura emanating from the broken windows of the old rundown shack. It wasn’t a harsh bright light but more like a warm inviting glow. At first it was faint, barely visible, even under the now darkening sky. But the longer I stared at the house, the more brilliant the aura became, emanating out of cracks in the walls, the doorframe, and even the roof, until it looked like the whole house was entirely enveloped in this blue aura. Even the beautiful flowers surrounding the house seemed now to be radiating a blue hue. Almost without realizing it, I had shut off the engine, stepped out of my car, and started walking toward the luminescent house. I didn’t really need much coaxing, but it almost felt like an invisible force was tugging at me, pulling me toward the old house. I stepped up onto the stoop. For a fleeting moment, I wondered if it were wise to simply barge in uninvited, but I was too overpowered by curiosity at this point and the feeling quickly went away. I reached for the glowing door knob and….

  3. walked inside. A tingling sensation moved through me as I crossed the threshold. Something had changed. Everything felt different, ancient in a way, yet new and exciting at the same time. I noticed first that the room appeared to have been freshly painted, and the walls were free of the cracks that should have been there judging from the outside appearance. Unable to distinguish the color of the walls beyond the engulfing blue hue, I directed my attention to other details of the one-room dwelling. The room was large yet sparsely furnished. A vintage lamp sat on a lion-footed mahogany table in the corner nearest the door. A Victorian-style wash basin adorned the corner opposite the table. The wood was perfectly polished, but the mirror was missing. In contrast, a flat screen television, with a picture more vivid than even our latest technology could produce, hung on the wall above a fireplace burning with the eerie blue glow in the abscence of logs or anything consumable. An unrecognizable sequence of images repeated on the television screen – redundant, but somehow entrancing. I sat in a recliner in front of the screen to watch. The chair shifted when I sat down; it seemed to be welcoming me. A table rose up from the floor with an antique tea pot and matching tea cup and saucer. The pot was filled with hot tea, and once again I violated my sense of what is and is not a good idea and took a sip. The tea was delicious, but it was unremarkable compared to what happened next. The blue glow began to spin and then the house …

  4. …shuddered violently for a moment. Thinking it must be an earthquake–in spite of their rarity in this part of the world–I headed for the door. Naturally, it was locked, or stuck. I glanced out the window, but it was all dark, except for the blue glow that still seemed to emanate from the house. The lamp turned itself on for no apparent reason. The cryptic sequences on the screen increased their rate of change.
    Without warning, an interior door opened, and a man stepped into the room. He gave me a disgusted look and said, “Oh, no–what are YOU doing here? Hang on, I think I can fix this.” He stepped back through the door and closed it behind him.

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