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Chain Story – “Fear Itself!”

Hi folks,

Long time, no see!  Where you been keeping yourselves?  Haven’t seen you around lately!  I… oh wait… um…

So I’ve got another chain story for you!  This is another one that was inspired by an idea from Escape Artist Christian Mott!  Please feel free to take the story in any direction you wish, but as usual, silliness and a PG rating are very much preferred.

I call this one….


You ever have one of those mornings where you wake up with a terrifying feeling that something horrible has happened?  Like maybe somebody has broken into your house and covered your entire floor with globs of peanut butter?  Or maybe you forgot to go to the store for milk, and the only thing you have left to pour over your Cheerios is your last can of Dr. Pepper?  Maybe the something horrible hasn’t happened yet, but it’s going to?  Maybe when you go to turn on the shower, you get sprayed with tomato juice instead of steaming hot water?  Maybe a herd of giant purple bunnies is waiting to attack you and chew your head off the minute you step outside? 

You ever have one of those mornings?  Yeah, I thought so.  Me too.  In fact, this was precisely one of those mornings.

Fortunately, there was no sticky peanut better impeding my path to the bathroom, and the shower dispensed clean and clear hot water as usual.  By the time I had sat down at the breakfast table with my Cheerios and milk, I was beginning to chastise myself for letting my imagination get the best of me.   But then I flipped on the TV to check out the morning news, and that’s when my earlier feelings of trepidation were validated….


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