Just FYI….

I know that all of you are waiting with bated breath for the next great post from The Bean Counter.  In the meantime, if you haven’t already, why not kill some precious time by exploring all the awesome submissions that have already been posted by The Bean Counter and other Escape Artists?  Of course, you can simply scroll down to see older posts, OR you can use the handy-dandy Categories links to the right to jump to previous posts that may interest you.   Even if you’ve been with me from the beginning and caught every post, you may want to re-visit some of your favorites, and the Categories links is an easy way to track it down.   You may even find one that you missed!

Also, don’t forget about the links to other Escape Artists’ websites and contact info,  if you want to know what’s currently happening in the life of your favorite Escape Artist (besides The Bean Counter, of course)!


2 comments on “Just FYI….

  1. Well, I looked at the blog today. Interesting. I’ll try to comment more as time allows. How does one get to be one of your fellow escape artists?

    • Hey Mike!

      Welcome to The Escape!

      If you would like to be dubbed an Escape Artist by the Bean Counter himself, all you really have to do is just say so. Just let me know if there’s any special comments you would like for me to include in my post and also if you would like for me to include a link to another website that promotes your work. Also, you will need to provide me with your credit card number and your social security number… Okay, just kidding about that last one!

      Good to hear from you, Mike!

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