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Update on Escape Artist Joyce Scarbrough: Symmetry and Christmas Is A Season 2009!

Hello again, folks!

Hope you’ve got some exciting plans for the upcoming Christmas holidays!  Hope you’re doing your best to avoid Santa’s naughty list!  And hopefully, Christmas shopping for those special ones in your life hasn’t stressed you to the point of pulling your hair out!

Hey!  Speaking of pulling your hair out….

Escape Artist Joyce Scarbrough has a new novel out entitled Symmetry!   Symmetry follows the story of Jessica Cassidy, a young woman who discovers that she may be suffering from a little known impulse control disorder known as trichotillomania, which can only be described as the repeated urge to pull out one’s own hair.  As distressing as this sounds, Joyce promises that hilarity ensues when Jessica stumbles across evidence that leads her to believe that her “beefcake” husband Lee has been less than faithful.  Lee tries to convince her that things are not what they seem, but she insists that Lee move out.  While Jessica is trying to decide whether or not to forgive him, things get worse (or maybe more hilarious?) when she bumps into Noah Hamilton, an old acquaintance with a charming sensitive side, the polar opposite of her husband Lee.  Sparks fly as the two men vie for Jessica’s affection, while Jessica is forced to deal with conflicting emotions…and a surprise visit from her mother…and trichotillomania!

You can order Symmetry on Amazon at:


Check it out today!  While you’re there, you might want to pick up a copy of Christmas Is A Season 2009, a collection of short Christmas-themed stories which includes an entry by Joyce!


And hey!  If you haven’t already, why not pick up a copy of Christmas Is A Season 2008 which also includes an entry by Joyce.   (Just because it’s last year’s model doesn’t mean it’s outlived its usefulness.  Good stories never go out of style!)



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