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Update on Escape Artist Chris “Elwood” Cox!

Seasons Greetings, Folks!

Got another Escape Artist update for ya!

You may recall that I introduced Chris Cox to you in a previous blog post.   Well, in addition to continuing work on his current project Grits of the Gods, it may interest you to know that Elwood has just recently started up his very own blog site dedicated to providing you the public with insightful, penetrating, yet highly entertaining film reviews.  The blog has been up for a few months now, so Chris already has lots of great stuff posted.  Aspiring film connoisseur that I am, I myself am a big fan.  Check it out today!


Also, I want to mention that Chris has recently completed a macabre Christmas-themed short story entitled “Death Takes A Holiday”.  You won’t be seeing the story anywhere this Christmas, but word about town is that publisher LL Dreamspell has picked up this story for inclusion in a future installment of its Dreamspell Nightmares series of anthologies!   I don’t yet have any particulars on release date and such, but as soon as they become available, you will be the first to know!


One comment on “Update on Escape Artist Chris “Elwood” Cox!

  1. It’s not always easy for me to find something to say about every film, but I shall continue to try. Though what can you say about “Faster, Pussy Cat! Kill! Kill!” that hasn’t already been said?

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