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Okay, so this isn’t really a plot leak, just some speculations kicked around by a co-worker and myself, and I’ll admit up front that some of it was swiped from “plot leaks” that we have already read.

First of all, Episode 8 will be Leia’s swan song. The movie’s opening crawl will say something about her being bed ridden at a medical facility. The death of Han at the hands of their son has taken a toll on her, and she has become too old and feeble to lead the Resistance. Nevertheless, she will still be very involved in the story, advising Poe and Finn who will be working with her in secret to try to uncover and expose suspicious dealings of a new Resistance leader that Leia does not trust. Ultimately, though, she will pass away by the end of movie but not before reconciling with her son who has turned back to the light, or at least turned away from Snoke. More on that later…..

Secondly, Rey will begin her Jedi training with Luke. After the movie’s opening crawl, I suspect the first scene will be of them in one of their training sessions on that Jedi Temple island on Ahch-To. We will quickly see that some time has passed, and Rey has already begun to master much of what she’s been taught, at least from a fighting standpoint.

Interspersed in these training scenes, there will be heart-to-heart talks about Jedi history and Luke’s heroic past. Eventually, these talks will lead to more sensitive questions from Rey about Luke’s Jedi academy and Kylo’s betrayal. When Rey questions him about why he abandoned the Resistance, he’ll say something like “there are greater forces at work than the First Order and the Resistance”. When she asks him if he knew her parents, he will respond by changing the subject or saying something cryptic or with outright silence, creating obvious tension. This will come back to haunt Luke later.

Despite Rey’s frustration that Luke won’t answer any of her questions about his self-imposed exile or his connection to her parents, she still manages to bond with Luke and continues training with him. Eventually he feels confident enough in her abilities to send her on a mission to find Snoke and attempt to ally herself with him in order to spy on him. She’ll pretend to be upset with Luke (not difficult to do since Luke won’t answer her questions about their possible blood relationship), and she will ask to train with Snoke, try to get into his good graces to earn his trust, and hopefully get him to reveal something of his dark plans. As she is about to leave on the Milennium Falcon, she seems convinced that Luke is her father when she turns to him and says,”You are my father, aren’t you?” He simply says, “May the Force be with you.”

Finding Snoke turns out to be pretty easy since he and Kylo are already looking for her. She starts training with Snoke and Kylo. At first, it looks like she has a pretty good handle on things, but then Snoke starts manipulating her, filling her head with stories about Luke being her father, about him abandoning her on Jakku, and then running and hiding after the Knights of Ren obliterated his Jedi Academy. He’ll also taunt both her and Kylo, trying to put them at odds with each other throughout the training.

Eventually Snoke’s taunting finally pushes Rey and Kylo over the edge, and they both go at it in a full-on crazy lightsaber battle. During a meeting with Poe and Finn at the medical facility, Leia senses what’s happening with Rey and Kylo and suddenly goes into a trance shouting “Rey, no! No! Don’t do it!” This sudden outburst unnerves both Poe and Finn (especially Finn who is madly in love with Rey). It’s not clear what Leia’s seen, but she is able to sense where Rey is (Snoke’s homeworld) and describe her surroundings which coincidentally will be where Poe and Finn were headed to next because that’s where their latest lead on the suspicious Resistance leader suggested they go. They take off to find Rey. Luke also senses what is happening and takes off after her.

Poe and Finn arrive on the scene where Rey and Kylo are battling it out. There will be a chasm or something that keeps them from getting to Rey and helping her, so all they can do is witness the fierce lightsaber battle. Eventually, Rey starts to get the advantage and begins to go after Kylo with uncontrollable rage. She whacks off his arm (yeah, it’s gotta be more than the hand this time), knocks him to the ground, and prepares to deliver the killing blow. Kylo pleads for Snoke to intervene, but Snoke only watches with a wicked grin on his face. Suddenly, Luke appears from out of the shadows. He Force-pulls Rey’s lightsaber from out of her hand. She turns and looks at Luke and yells “You!”. She grabs Kylo’s lightsaber being held by his disembodied arm and in a blind rage charges after Luke.

Luke hits Rey with a tremendous Force-push that slams into her and knocks her back. Snoke is not yet ready to face Luke, so he grabs Rey and they vanish. Luke goes to Kylo and tends to him. He carries him back to his transport and takes him to the same medical facility that Leia is at. In an emotional scene, Kylo, realizing the pain he has caused while under the influence of Snoke, begs for his mother’s forgiveness. She kisses him on the forehead and then passes away, resting in peace.


Not entirely sure what Episode 9 will be about, but my current thoughts are that it will be about Kylo and Rey building their respective gangs leading up to another faceoff. We will discover that, on the night that Kylo and the Knights of Ren waged their final assault on Luke’s Jedi academy, Luke had already gotten a few days advance warning that Kylo was coming. He knows that it will be a tough battle, so he hurriedly summons a dozen or so rogue pilots who are friendly to the Jedi, including Maz Tanata and a younger version of Max Von Sydow’s character, and commissions them to evacuate about a dozen or so of the younger padawan from the Jedi academy’s home planet, with each pilot taking one of the children to a separate remote planet. Rey will be one of these younger padawan, possibly Max Von Sydow’s passenger . Before all the padawan depart, Luke will perform some sort of Jedi mind trick that will wipe their memories clean of what they’ve seen and learned at the Jedi academy, just so they won’t be as easy for Snoke to find. This is also why old hermit Luke is not willing to tell older Rey about her past, because if she’s going to go on this mission to train with Snoke, he doesn’t want Snoke to be able to pull those memories from her, thus endangering the other padawan. However, once Rey turns to the dark side, she will find out about the scattered Padawan or the incident will come back to her in a flashback, and so I believe the main thrust of Episode 9 (and possibly future installments) will be a race between Kylo and Rey to find all the missing padawan with Rey plotting to either convert them to the dark side or else kill them, while Kylo is trying to save them and recruit them to his new Jedi academy.

Also, I suspect Ep. 9 will be Luke’s swan song. In a scene reminiscent of Obi-Wan’s final battle with Darth, Luke will sacrifice himself fighting Snoke in order to give more power to Kylo for his next showdown with Rey.

Also, I’m pretty sure there will be a scene reminiscent of Kylo’s last meeting with Han where Finn catches up with Rey after she’s turned to the dark side, and he makes an emotional appeal to try to get her to turn back to the light. It will go something like this:

Finn: “Rey, this isn’t you! I know you! I know there’s still good in you! Rey… I love you!”

Rey (with a pitiable expression on her face): “Y-You’re right. I’m being torn apart. I know what I have to do, but I don’t know if I can do it. Can you help me?”

 Finn: “Anything”

And then… 🙂
























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