I’m sort of like Rick Blaine, George Bailey, Elwood P Dowd, Henry Gondorff, and Juror #8 all rolled into one!

You can email me at beancountersescape@yahoo.com


2 comments on “About

  1. You’ve made me think. I’m sort of Merkin Muffley, Billy Pilgrim, Captain Hilts the Cooler King, Atticus Finch, T. S. Garp and Schlitze the Pinhead all rolled into one. Well, maybe not Hilts, but once you’ve been chased by Nazis after escaping from a POW camp ON a motorcylce THROUGH barb wire, isn’t everything else in life probably going to seem a bit of a letdown?

  2. That’s funny, Chris, but hmmm… I had you pegged as more of an R.P. McMurphy type.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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