Escape Artists

Escape Artist – Donald Parker!

Hey folks! Be sure to check out my list of Escape Artists’ websites where you will now find a link to the blog of an all-new Escape Artist, namely Donald Parker!  If you’re still trying to come up with a New Year’s resolution, I’d suggest making Donald Parker’s Punnery a routine stop during your web-surfing […]

Update on Escape Artist Chris “Elwood” Cox!

Seasons Greetings, Folks! Got another Escape Artist update for ya! You may recall that I introduced Chris Cox to you in a previous blog post.   Well, in addition to continuing work on his current project Grits of the Gods, it may interest you to know that Elwood has just recently started up his very own blog site dedicated to […]

Update on Escape Artist Joyce Scarbrough: Symmetry and Christmas Is A Season 2009!

Hello again, folks! Hope you’ve got some exciting plans for the upcoming Christmas holidays!  Hope you’re doing your best to avoid Santa’s naughty list!  And hopefully, Christmas shopping for those special ones in your life hasn’t stressed you to the point of pulling your hair out! Hey!  Speaking of pulling your hair out…. Escape Artist […]

New Escape Artist: Jennifer Hatcher!

Howdy folks! Sorry for the long hiatus, but now I’m back!  And I’ve brought nothing less for you than an introduction to a brand new Escape Artist! Meet Jennifer Hatcher! Jennifer Hatcher is the author of an engrossing fantasy novel which she calls Legends.  A prelude to Jennifer’s upcoming Lorneia trilogy, Legends follows the story […]

New Escape Artist Mike Reimer AND An Update on Current Escape Artist Christian Mott!

NEW ESCAPE ARTIST MIKE REIMER! Good day, folks! Today, I’d like to introduce you to Escape Artist Mike Reimer! Mike Reimer was the inspiration for the chain poem “Mike Rhymer, Private Eye” which I started on this blog a few months back.  However, Mike is not only the inspiration behind a really cool fictional character, […]

Another Escape Artist Update – Joyce Scarbrough!

Hello folks, If you’ve been wondering what Escape Artist Joyce Scarbrough has been up to, today is your lucky day! Word on the street is that Joyce has just completed a bonafide romantic Valentine’s Day short story!  Furthermore, I’ve heard talk that she is planning to submit this story for publication in an upcoming anthology […]

More poetry from Escape Artist Chris “Elwood” Cox!

Here’s another sampling of poetry written by Chris “Elwood” Cox submitted for your amusement in honor of Valentine’s Day! Elwood: “Ryan, someone I worked with joking asked why didn’t Hallmark make a Valentine’s card for stalkers. I thought `Hey, what a good idea’ and made some up! Do with these what you will!” Thinking of […]

Escape Artist – Chris “Elwood” Cox!

Greetings all, Thanks for stopping by, and my apologies for having left you all to your own devices for so long.  I’m afraid even the Bean Counter himself has trouble making his escapes now and then. Today, I’d like to introduce you to fellow Escape Artist Chris “Elwood” Cox!  Elwood is currently working on a dark comedy that he […]

Escape Artist – Christian Mott!

Good day Ladies and Gentlemen, Thanks for stopping by! Today, I’d like to introduce you to Christian Mott!  Christian is a fellow Escape Artist who is currently working on a romantic young-adult suspense novel that he calls Dark Side of the Moon.  Christian describes Dark Side of the Moon as “a modern, romantically epic tale that […]

“Trouble Bruin” by featured Escape Artist Derek Foster!

Okay, folks, as promised, here‘s that great investigative article from a fellow Escape Artist and a good friend of mine, Derek Foster!  You’re sure to find this article very intriguing as it puts the microscope on an issue that’s been a hot topic during this election cycle.  No, it’s not about global warming.  This article […]